Authentically Homemade,Filling your Tummy with healthy Yummies

A casual, family RestoCafe with a warm, friendly vibe, we serve handmade Italian-style pizza, fresh pasta, handcrafted burgers and sandwiches, flavorful croissants baked in-house, and so much more.


We make, bake, and shake everything fresh daily with authentic homestyle cooking that our mothers taught us: not skimping on any ingredient and taking each component’s flavor to its maximum potential.


Take the buns we use for our burgers and sandwiches, for example. We bake our bread daily from fresh ingredients like actual pumpkins that we handpicked and sourced straight from the vegetable farmers themselves. Our highly experienced chefs work tirelessly to shred, squeeze, and mix each ingredient, then bake each bun daily. This way, we are confident that the quality is assured, safety is ensured, and taste is true to its nature.


Not only that, it took us months to find and choose the best fresh and natural ingredients and develop the best-tasting recipe to use for each of our products. Meticulously checked and chosen, a huge amount of effort and time was put into extensive research, testing, and product development to ensure that only the highest quality of food will reach our customers and their tables.

Our Mission

No pretensions, just honest ingredients andthe genuine goodness of a homecooked meal.

From any particular dish, you can easily taste and pick out each natural ingredient as it melds and marries together to create a satisfying gastronomic experience.


We are confident of the high-standard nutritional value of our products because our honest-to-goodness menu features the highest-standard, fresh and natural ingredients you can find all over the country. The genuine freshness makes each product a healthy option for those who live a health-conscious and diet-forward lifestyle.


From each bite, you taste the goodness without the guilt. Because our dishes are made from fresh and natural ingredients, you can even eat a whole pizza without feeling the heavy weight of an overstuffed tummy. Even our burger patties, they are 100% high-quality meat, without extenders or cheap fat that can destroy the biomes in your belly. We serve everything with the most optimal value because we care for our customers and their health.

Why Choose Us

Fresh and healthy, always Yummy.

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This is why we’re called Tummy Yummies, because we make your Tummy happy by serving you the goodness of healthy Yummies.


And we call ourselves a RestoCafe because we are both a restaurant and a café in one. We constantly aim to reach the quality standards of high grade and premium restaurants with our gourmet-style food, so we create it by hand using traditional authentic recipes, but we also serve it fast and conveniently, so it fits the fast-paced lifestyle that’s built with the urban and progressive Abu Dhabi.


Great food, great taste, and great experience in quick convenience. With us, you would get the richness and flavorful gourmet-style dishes on your palette just as fast as you can say “mamma mia!”.